Monday, October 11, 2004

The Playback Predator

A half-circle of five
(contingently more)
waiting, watching
our eyes on you
contemplative, greedily
We drink you in
Our meat
You fidget in your seats
slightly wary
not liking this business
of the unknown
Our eyes butt you
hungry to begin
till you rise to the occasion
accept the challenge
and speak.

Playback is a form of improvisational theatre where (usually) five actors, along with a musician and a conductor, enact stories and experiences shared by members of the audience.


Anonymous said...

Predator Watch
I saw them on the streets of Delhi
in their honking
their crude speech
their Raybans
and their thick wallets

I see them in innocent postings
in blank calls
in anarchy
in ignorance

In a work of art?
In the beauty of the instinct?
where art and motion and drama fuse together
in one momentary explosion of magic...
Giving life to a dull moment
to that creature
that face in the crowd
'Aha, Iam Important just now'

How are we predators
we keepers of a long forgotten song

- p.i a.k.a Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica,
n.i.c.e. :)

Do take a look at Motif Magazine -

erm... just dropped by to tell you about the Delhi Bloggers Meet on Thursday. Details at


Jasmeen said...

the first time I publicly spoke about an incident of eve teasing was at play back theatre, bangalore...

it was such a release...