Thursday, June 23, 2005


  • Metamorphose into a part-time jobholder.
  • Write your first ghazal.
  • Attend your first writers' group meet.
  • Take your first creative writing (sort of) class.
  • Begin your first radio play.
  • Have several fights with lover.
  • Get engaged.
  • Buy new cushions and cushion-covers and cheer up the living room.
  • Survive Delhi heat by sprinkling liberal doses of water on the floor, mattress, clothes, skin.

That's not too bad post-a marvellous-holiday, is it?


grinch said...

wont u ruin ur mattresses that way

Monica said...

Nope. It's a tried and tested method (sprinkle is the key word). Try it if you live in non-air conditioned conditions.

shaun said...

and consider moderating ZESTPoets once again?

Sashi said...

:) Congratulations on Le Engagement! Hope you will invite bards et al for the wedding.

Monica said...

Shivam: Gracias, but I think I have too many things on my plate right now :)

Sashi: Of course. What is a wedding without jugglers and bards?

Ubermensch said...

Little late for the champagne, Congratulations and good wishes.