Friday, October 28, 2005

Dear L,

The whimsical question which was lost in cellular traffic for 48 hours and, later, stopped making sense: Can people change?

Before my text got through to you, I had my answer - yes, of course they can. Or I thought I did, since of course in the matter of a few days everything had jumped out of or into mutant corners again. What a cataclysmic ride this has been. Me futilely trying to hold off change by leaning against what had already crumbled until everything came down and I could either lie there and be swept away into something godawful - or do something.

So I jumped - very deliberately, cat-like (after all, keeping cats for a mere four months will also change something) and now look where I am, now look who I am. So I look around me and think, yes, people do change, yes, things do get better - only if you make the jump.


Manu Sharma said...

Can people change? Yes. But do people change? Rarely, says science.

Monica said...

This was so fascinating, Manu. I hesitated when I wrote "can" - somewhere I did mean "do".