Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blogspot banned by the govt of India?

And Typepad? Neha V's continually updated post on this here. Can you access either domain?


still life said...

hey there
i have been looking for an indian bloggere for a very long time
ne way hope to see u at my blog
with love frm mumbai

harry said...

i don't think the govt is banning anything, it's just some local glitch. people here were able to access blogger, typepad.

mineguruji said...

well the blogs are back and rest assured we can see your feet again.

mineguruji said...

waiting for an update

Manny said...

kickass.... Malaysia's gunning for the whole internet 'cencorship' thing as well. Cept' our goverment is wee bit more anal retentive. They're saying it's keeping us protected from negative influences. Apparently criticizing the goverment in blogs is negative influence now. Damn! next thing you know, you're looking at the new Korea.