Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chia at the Jangpura parks

If you ever come across this gorgeous one and a half year old at the Jangpura parks, do spare a few minutes (or more) and join her in her gambols.


Anonymous said...

ooh. she's adorable but please tell me she belongs to someone and is not an orphan/abandoned/stray-cause that would be heartbreaking

Monica said...

definitely not an orphan or any such. known for her powers to appropriate unsuspecting humans with one twitch of her dainty paws.

Anonymous said...

she's lovely. I've recently had to send my adorable 2 year old lab to my mothers house 'cause I'm leaving the country and my heart and my home are aching with emptiness. this pic does me good. thanks

Anand said...

that is a beautiful picture.
captures the full beauty of the chia.
a;; the drunken nights throwing rubber octopuses for her to fetch.