Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Zubaan's 21 under 40: New Stories for a New Generation.

It includes some of my favorite writers: Mridula Koshy, Annie Zaidi, Anjum Hasan, Nisha Susan, a few whom I yet have but a cursory familiarity with -- and the editor packs quite a punch herself. I heard extracts from a couple of stories at the IHC today; can't wait to read the collection.

Yes, you can sense there's something new happening in this anthology. Let's hope as many or more publishers in India become willing to take risks, as writers!

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Roselyn said...

Any new developments on the Open mike issue? Ive been meaning to find out.

Its nice to find you online. i doubt you will remember me. I was this tall, very dark girl at the open mike at sarai last month. Rosalyn.