Tuesday, December 21, 2004

In chasing

It's amazing how one moment passes to the next, and we live, barely aware, inside burning dreams.

How does our truest self become a dusty, shapeless mirage – a door to someone else’s Zion?

How do we forget what fiber we are made of?

It's amazing what knocks us into shape are the unpleasant decisions.


gump, very gump said...

"It's amazing what knocks us into shape are the unpleasant decisions." couldnt quite decipher it.

neha vish said...

Do you know how it is. On some days, the shades become clearer. And the meanings more articulate. Because all that matters is to solve that permutation of affirmatives and negatives inside your head.

And the rawness of situations, where decisions are probably the only line we can keep repeating to ourselves. The dust of dreams. And finally what's left is the core of each of our beings. And the shape, seems a bit shapeless.

Forgive dear MM. :) Won't take up too much of the space here.


Monica said...

Hey N,
When you're the author, take all the space you want!