Thursday, December 23, 2004


We balance on an eyelash.
The swoops of pure joy
swinging free between us
without a warning.

Not even twenty four hours
to the cottonsilk clouds bobbing
between us in sheer
relief –

trust, the cold air tapering
between our teeth –

I felt a flicker of apprehension at the Distich,
(before dinner)
“When fortune smiles, beware lest some ill strike;
End and beginning often are unlike.”

The end comes too soon. We sink

Your words coming from cracks
in the earth

My furies without a parallel
spinning me dizzy uncontrolled –
my tongue does not know what to say
my ears, what to hear
where to find comfort
where to rest the mantle

Anger management? Are you serious?

The shock blanches me
I’m washed cold ashore
Has the mirror I hold been

It’s easy to elide my cherished wildness
into barely conscious hysterics.
You flow with more grace than I.
I’m still a thorny berry bush,
yet to grow the
vast shadow one can lie under.

You too, slip me out a hurt

In leaping,
to learn to hold steady
We must.


neha vish said...

Brilliant. :)

Won't qualify what I feel for your poem with any other word. Btw, responded to thy query on my blog. Do check when you have the time.

Anand said...

abe neha,
kaam dhanda nahin hain life mein?

waise, the poem is quite brilliant, i have to admit miss mody!

neha vish said...

anand, stop being jealous. Just because I don't comment on your blog like this!!


Keep it up M!