Sunday, January 09, 2005

frogs in love

a green frog hovers
on my smile glistening
irrepressible glad

all raw green charm

darting fearlessly onto
every shoulder, lavishing
the sun you turned on


neha vish said...

You just made me smile early in the morning. Smile with a hearty sense of awareness. Despite the bloody cold, and drowzy aftereffects of sleep!
:) Thankings M!

Monica said...

Thanks, N. Just turned the words around. Think this version reads better - hope it still makes you smile!

neha vish said...

It makes me smile and more. :)
Did I tell you I love frogs? Green, brown, dirty, muddy, grinning little creatures. Hopping mad, raving circuits. Have a great day M!

grinch said...

did u find loper?

Anand said...

loper is back, and getting fat again!

neha vish said...

Loper is back!!! Yippeeee!!!
Where the hell had he gone? Doesn't he know he has to get pink nigh-out slips signed??