Thursday, January 06, 2005

Nothing else

When nothing works for you except fat bites off a good chunky novel. The ultimate, most delectable comfort food, something you must usually eat in restrained quantities, since you know you need nutrition other than chocolate and get only so many hours a week to fill up the tanker. In an emergency, you need it to prop up the body against the pillow, so you have nothing to do except turn the pages.

Boondoggling at the moment with The Cat Who Sang for the Birds. The satisfaction of a lazy read.

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Grimnir_Odin said...


I don't think I'm anyone whom u know bery well, but lets just say I'm just one more of the ever increasing fraternity of blogging souls...
All I wanted to say was that I haven't seen such a prolific blogger here on blogspot and that you have my good wishes.
Although this may seem like a very bad attempt for you to contact me or something as trivial/banal as that.
It isn't.

Keep it up!