Sunday, April 03, 2005

headlines scanner

More and more frequently these days you find me sheepishly confessing: "Urmm, I haven't been following the news. I had no idea about this Shakti Kapoor incident..." Apart from the usual daily rush to work/other places, it's also part-apathy borne out of a realization that I actually don't miss the "news" too much. This Sunday, in blessed solitude, I sit and devour the Indian Express and TOI, and feel, suddenly, my relationship with the world, my place in the world, re-scanned and re-established.


gump, very gump said...

i am a brave men, i dont get scared of things such as ghosts and all!

But whenever i enter the reading room, and stand in front of the magazine and newspaper shelf and flip thru the index and headlines...i get really really scared. The realization that so much more has happened in the past few hours and so much little of it will i be able to keep track of, is a very scary feeling indeed!

Monica said...

I agree - which is why we must be zen and not read the news ;)