Thursday, April 28, 2005

Queer Haikus

Faggot Haiku

Faggots reach into
their own asses we are not
afraid of our shit

Haiku on bleeding nine days out of every month

It's time to invent
machines to suck the blood out
and make me come too!

Haiku on being the only lesbian from Jamaica

Wonder whose pussy
I was eatin' when I had
a P.O. box there?

Staceyann Chin


Adi said...

hmmm, my introduction to Haiku ... thx :-)

Nice blog btw, my first time here

Monica said...

Thanks, Adi.

gump, very gump said...

that was sick!!!

Monica said...

Beg to differ. I think these are beautiful.

Vijay Thakur said...

great Haiku indeed.