Saturday, February 25, 2006

File: "An Intimate History" Show

Re-reading An Intimate History of Humanity by Theodore Zeldin. Came across a show inspired by the book, where "each performance lasts less than 10 minutes and is performed exclusively for an audience of one. It is like being serenaded by your own personal troubadour or experiencing an intensely intimate cabaret. All the attention is embarrassing and pleasurable."

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Anonymous said...

Hi…I’m Roy, recently start the journey in the blog-world. New..... so learning the tricks by peeping in others blog without any prior permission (sorry for that!!).

Rang De basanti...yeah its very new of its kind...i liked its background music most..
sahid are towards to be hanged and in the background Bass Guiatr!!
first in my life but I like it...\!!
But confused also, where was the whole crew to shoot the film, only these 5 guys & soha...
I like the portraite on delhi also..

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Hoping to hear you..