Sunday, February 05, 2006

There, moving on

Wrench a beat for what isn't there, can't be, can't return.

Or turn back the pages and there's Him and Me - we look up, smile, get back to whatever we're doing. There's our sage-shine cats.

An entire life lived, to be lived, missed, thrown away, all right there.


YetzerHara said...

...and use a hammer for what is left of what isn't there, flip the book and then polish your cat.

there, show's over ... : )

smile monica mood-y. good to see you
back in action

Anonymous said...

no, not thus

dhoomketu said...

When the painting's done, I love you too
But do I love the empty canvas too?

Hey momo,
my blog's on Have been sporadically writing on various things. Do check it out.
- K

Roy said...

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small but very touching post..

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