Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I can't help reading

Am supposed to be undergoing a week of "reading deprivation". Broadly this means no books, newspapers, movies, TV, radio, internet or emails. Had started on Thursday night (the 10th) with remarkable moxie, thinking of all the ways I could avoid reading my emails at work. Sadly, after going through the experiences of a few others (trust a google junkie to come up with this), I realized work-related reading was exempt from this strict injunction.

Well, it's my sixth day and I'm still going strong. Probably since I've been sneaking quick little glances at emails from friends, comments on the blog, what my partner's writing; reading an entire news article about our friendly neighbourhood sandwich bar while munching on sandwiches...

Having to work largely on the internet at office does not help, but I can't help but feel, ever-so-slightly, like a wayward child.

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