Sunday, March 13, 2005


The best antidote to feeling rushed in life: watch a sunset.

The sun takes all the time it needs in the world to make a magnificent descent. It sails through the spectrum of yellow, orange and red, deliberating over each hue with ardor and indolence. Lengths of time pass by and the sun does not finish its downward journey.

An hour to sit or stroll and attend. An airplane flies through the transluscent amber sphere with its wingtips peeping out over the curve. Many minutes later, standing at another level, another airplane passes clear over. The red ball that had vanished from the line of sight when you were down at the lake reappears when you climb to the top of the ruins. The sun, you realize with wonder, had not quite set; it's not yet gloaming.

circa Feb 16, 2005


Anonymous said...

Even though these recent small pieces of yours are tinged with a trace of agnst, the writing per se is travelling towards a certain kind of economy.

Keep on going.

Manu Sharma said...

The best antidote to feeling rushed in life... is to get a massage!

The next best thing is a haircut (with the complimentary little head massage at the end of it).

Heck, even getting a shave done from your friendly hairdresser once in a while, is surprisingly rejuvenating.

love it.

(random fact: Google has a full time masseur at the Googleplex!)

Monica said...

A mere foot massage also rocks. Thanks for the list, Manu!