Friday, July 22, 2005

The Cats

There has to be at least one post with their photos, to introduce them.

The goodhearted bignatured grey sage, Frodo, and the indomitable twinkling orange star, Toft.


Three drinks always! said...

How'd you manage to make them sit still so you could take a picture? My three-month old kitten makes it impossible to take a picture...unless she's fast asleep ( here... )

Monica said...

They occasionally ponder and occasionally crouch before attacking. Those are the two favorite still poses.

I think the two of them also tire each other out faster. And space-staring comes only second after sleep, when you want to rest.

Xena's lovely, A!

Three drinks always! said...

Thanks. She is. Though she'd be lovelier still if only her teeth and nails weren't quite so sharp...!

Frodo and Toft look so adorable...and still(!!). Yes, I think the trick is to have two of them to tire each other out. :D

Manish Bhatt said...

They are such beauties.