Thursday, July 21, 2005

In Continuation: A Love Affair with Words

I'm still not used to saying "I write" when asked about what I do (particularly when you're travelling, as I've been doing, this is a question you often get asked). I located my discomfort in how slowly my writing seems to be going (this is no excuse, but we adopted two delightful kittens three weeks ago - I let them claim an unnecessary share of my time) - once I become more industrious, I thought, I'd be able to say the words easily.

Then I heard a friend, a published writer of some repute, introduce himself as an "editor of the magazine XYZ". Was this modesty? - and if so why? Or diffidence about being in the writerly profession: more dubious and unprofessionlike than most others?

Another friend in another conversation felt a published body of work is what entitles you to call yourself a "writer". I was slightly disappointed - hey, I may not be published, I may not be writing every day, even (at least those cauldron-words of the soul), but this is the identity I'm most at home with: a writer!

Yes, A. - I know I really need to gather my creative energies with much more urgency.


neha vish said...

Well, technically speaking this is a web-publishing tool you know!
So you are published.

A writer is anyone who can feel happy surrounded by alphabets really.

Monica said...

N., you long lost ally, hello! It's so strange to use my comment-space for these:
London! Bataya bhi nahin!
Bxxxxxd Modi, what ridiculous lengths can you go to to subvert constitutionalism, human rights!
No, Goa is not just about the beach. It's the sun in the sea, in the wind.
And did you read the Harry Potter?

neha said...

Long yes.. Lost.. never. :)
Am just a few syllables away aren't I?

Haan, things happened on full steam, sudden changes and everything became upside down, not to mention certain people were getting engaged and pretty busy themselves!

They're being complete idiots in Gujju land aren't they? So much for finest edu institutions and the state of economy there. It's all really messed up... Harry Potter.. almost finished. A let down really!

Monica said...

I get scared when I hear about kids who bought Harry Potter the first day of its release and had finished it by sundown.

Yes, I haven't been very forthcoming about lifeplans either :)