Friday, July 08, 2005

The Cooler is Bought


the heat lying low
just below the chiks
ready to rise and pounce
on me

its tang
of terror reaching my cheek

The Morning After...

last night
the cooler so delicious
i couldn't thank it enough
thank my fortune


Scorpy said...

well its rainy season now.. so i dont think cooler will be much useful... bye a Simphony Sumo :D

its great..

i also left u a email.. do check

harneet said...

is this delhi you are talking about? cooler's no fun in monsoon...

and how have you been? good? good.

Monica said...

I could have clarified my seasons better: this was not during the monsoon but just when summer was peaking.

I've been good. Am getting back to the blog soon!